Release Notes - Couchbase Python Client Library - Version 0.9.0 - HTML format


  • [PYCBC-6] - some bugs on sending data
  • [PYCBC-11] - a disconnected or misbehaving connection may cause instability in the client library
  • [PYCBC-24] - Rebalance results in clients hanging
  • [PYCBC-26] - Client throws intermittent "Exception in thread dispatcher-thread" errors
  • [PYCBC-28] - performance with python client library is sub-standard
  • [PYCBC-29] - Setting a non-existant key from VBucketAwareCouchbaseClient throws an exception instead of returning None
  • [PYCBC-62] - get_multi() doesn't work over binary client
  • [PYCBC-69] - requests module update required to keep up with changing API
  • [PYCBC-70] - shutdown in client takes over 2 seconds
  • [PYCBC-73] - WARNING:client:unknown flags on get: 2000000
  • [PYCBC-75] - Fixed "got not my vb error" problem that was causing a "30 second timeout" from memcached


  • [PYCBC-56] - document thoughts on using async-core for IO oriented parallelism

New Feature

  • [PYCBC-87] - Implement append/prepend
  • [PYCBC-88] - Add support for increment/decrement


  • [PYCBC-85] - Client Download Link doesn't work without referrer
  • [PYCBC-89] - Implement add/replace

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