Release Notes - Couchbase Python Client Library - Version 0.10.0 - HTML format


  • [PYCBC-5] - down server can hang the Python client
  • [PYCBC-28] - performance with python client library is sub-standard
  • [PYCBC-33] - Many operations are timing out during rebalancing
  • [PYCBC-47] - make work for installation (and tests)
  • [PYCBC-49] - implement get_multi() in unified client
  • [PYCBC-65] - Unified client needs to support password protected buckets on view queries
  • [PYCBC-66] - get method should support unicode keys
  • [PYCBC-67] - Unified client should not raise an exception when key is not found
  • [PYCBC-77] - Staged Installs fail because pythonlibdir is not taking care of the DESTDIR Variable
  • [PYCBC-101] - warnings at compilation time


  • [PYCBC-25] - vBucket Aware client accepts only 1 server
  • [PYCBC-58] - Provide Consistent Timeouts
  • [PYCBC-60] - Consistent Order of Method Parameters
  • [PYCBC-63] - include docs over binary protocol
  • [PYCBC-93] - Don't encode bytearray keys
  • [PYCBC-94] - allow for an option to configure the instance using the libcouchbase configuration cache


  • [PYCBC-34] - Exception is not thrown or caught anywhere in the code base
  • [PYCBC-90] - Allow FMT_PLAIN for 'normal' python strings.
  • [PYCBC-91] - ensure client can be used with UTF-16 formatted strings for keys
  • [PYCBC-95] - Don't require username and password parameters
  • [PYCBC-96] - Allow better handling of lcb errors in error callbacks
  • [PYCBC-97] - Allow for host list to be passed instead of single string
  • [PYCBC-98] - Multi methods should not raise exceptions
  • [PYCBC-103] - Rewrite in Python C API

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