Release Notes - Couchbase C client library libcouchbase - Version 2.0.0beta - HTML format


  • [CCBC-16] - Don't connect to all of the nodes initially.. delay the connect until we need them
  • [CCBC-63] - error: 'ssize_t' does not name a type (missing stddef.h)
  • [CCBC-74] - Getting SIGABRT from libcouchbase
  • [CCBC-80] - Connection fails with IPV6 system
  • [CCBC-96] - POST/PUT requests not properly being appended to the buffer


  • [CCBC-98] - Differentiate between TMPFAILs

New Feature

  • [CCBC-48] - tutorial chapter is complete
  • [CCBC-58] - add support for unlock command
  • [CCBC-60] - support errors on views


  • [CCBC-9] - set up continuious integration on Windows for libcouchbase
  • [CCBC-32] - Repository for yum and RPM packages RedHat based systems

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