Release Notes - Couchbase C client library libcouchbase - Version 2.0.0beta3 - HTML format


  • [CCBC-76] - libcouchbase calling connect(2) on each spooled command
  • [CCBC-87] - error codes need additional documentation in types.h and a reference from couchbase.h
  • [CCBC-104] - Client crashes when entrypoint node connection is dropped
  • [CCBC-113] - libcouchbase receives assert(relocate_packets: Assertion `!dst->connected' failed.) if server is stopped during active connection
  • [CCBC-114] - Starting with Beta2, only 1/2 my commands return and the others hang or timeout
  • [CCBC-115] - Async Mode results in "network error" when many lcb_get() calls are made without use of lcb_wait() within loop
  • [CCBC-124] - cbc hash shows incorrect replica bucket host
  • [CCBC-126] - Failed to create IO Instance error.


  • [CCBC-107] - Handle stale/already sent pending commands on network error

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