Release Notes - Couchbase C client library libcouchbase - Version 2.0.1 - HTML format


  • [CCBC-120] - Unhandled opcode=92
  • [CCBC-132] - Making http request to ECONNREFUSED node seems to loop forever...
  • [CCBC-133] - HTTP Request hangs during failover
  • [CCBC-136] - abort from libcouchbase_purge_single_server at timeout.c:93

New Feature

  • [CCBC-2] - getting started guide needed
  • [CCBC-3] - libcouchbase lacks a tutorial
  • [CCBC-4] - libcouchbase lacks sample applications


  • [CCBC-10] - set up continuious integration on linux/MacOS X for libcouchbase

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