Release Notes - Couchbase Java Client - Version 1.1.0 - HTML format


  • [JCBC-24] - cannot do group_level without group
  • [JCBC-50] - Tutorial code improvements
  • [JCBC-159] - 1.0.4 in release notes but not available for d/l
  • [JCBC-163] - test failures in TAP
  • [JCBC-165] - ComplexKey does not support partial compound keys with single field
  • [JCBC-167] - ComplexKey converts longs to strings
  • [JCBC-168] - CouchClient.getView always throws an exception
  • [JCBC-175] - Small typo in Exception message "Node exepcted to receive data is inactive"
  • [JCBC-187] - Incorrect code in tutorial/doc
  • [JCBC-207] - incorrect logic in reconnection threshold leads to never actually reconnecting


  • [JCBC-34] - Allow modifying 1000 timeout threshold
  • [JCBC-81] - Update the getting started to match the Beer sample DB
  • [JCBC-85] - We need a better way to run our view tests
  • [JCBC-105] - Expose "stats key" results through client API
  • [JCBC-131] - Java Sample Application
  • [JCBC-145] - Add the maven XML snippet to the getting started guide (both web page and docs)

New Feature

  • [JCBC-17] - support new stale=false parameter
  • [JCBC-30] - document warning on not-my-vbucket errors
  • [JCBC-127] - Publish Couchbase Java SDK Javadoc online, and as a complete resource (zip)
  • [JCBC-144] - flush command needs to use RESTful flush for Couchbase Buckets


  • [JCBC-21] - Move the view code into CouchbaseClient
  • [JCBC-363] - Add intro to Java SDK guides

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