Release Notes - Couchbase Java Client - Version 1.1-beta - HTML format


  • [JCBC-35] - Exception during reconfiguring of client
  • [JCBC-40] - paginatedQuery throws NoSuchElementException and NPE
  • [JCBC-46] - DefaultConfigFactory attempts to create VBucket with master == -1
  • [JCBC-66] - PaginateQuery returns empty results when applying key filter
  • [JCBC-86] - Remove getHashAlgorithm and verify correct behavior of client
  • [JCBC-90] - Views force numeric strings to be intergers
  • [JCBC-91] - NPE when using malformed URI
  • [JCBC-92] - Java error when a node is removed - need to check for pending state on a bucket
  • [JCBC-94] - Shutdown function does not shutdown ViewConnection Thread
  • [JCBC-98] - Multiple exceptions thrown on Shutdown()
  • [JCBC-99] - Java 1.1 DP exception on failed auth
  • [JCBC-100] - view query handling should be more reliable, have better error handling
  • [JCBC-103] - Java client 1.1-dp not returning documents when querying views
  • [JCBC-122] - Unit tests are broken
  • [JCBC-123] - ArrayOutOfBounds exception during failover
  • [JCBC-124] - Cannot operate on keys with spaces in them
  • [JCBC-125] - Don't cast view documents to strings
  • [JCBC-133] - ViewFuture timeout not passed through to multiget
  • [JCBC-139] - 'delete & persist' and' delete, persist and replicate' functionalities not supported in 1.1-dp3 SDK.
  • [JCBC-141] - Graceful Shutdown Test fails on dp4
  • [JCBC-142] - Observe Tests show that something is wrong in the observe impl
  • [JCBC-148] - Issue with Observe API Persist.TWO and 1 dead node: Time Out when doing set operation
  • [JCBC-154] - merge in changes from the release11c branch
  • [JCBC-157] - Unsure if CouchbaseConnectionFactory.pastReconnThreshold really does what it's suppose to do
  • [JCBC-160] - merge in changes from the release10 branch for 1.1beta


  • [JCBC-58] - The get() function in HTTPFuture and ViewFuture contain duplicate code
  • [JCBC-77] - Design document management, including error handling
  • [JCBC-78] - Bucket management
  • [JCBC-80] - Add a unit/integration test validation of OBSERVE + view stale=false
  • [JCBC-84] - We need more unit tests for views
  • [JCBC-118] - Improve the docs for observe around the ReplicateTo flag
  • [JCBC-136] - Add support for spatial view queries
  • [JCBC-147] - Rename getViews() to getDesignDocument()
  • [JCBC-152] - Document testing procedures for unit/functional tests
  • [JCBC-153] - Raise view timeout from 60s to 75s
  • [JCBC-155] - add javadoc for AbstractView, View, SpatialView
  • [JCBC-156] - several javadoc warnings emitted

New Feature

  • [JCBC-63] - add APIs for creating and deleting design documents for CBS 2.0
  • [JCBC-158] - add a debug=true option to view query options
  • [JCBC-162] - re-enable delete observe against 2.0 server

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