Release Notes - Couchbase Java Client - Version 1.1-dp3 - HTML format


  • [JCBC-49] - Query limit does not work with paged queries
  • [JCBC-55] - client.replace docs do not agree with codebase
  • [JCBC-95] - view requests do not have HTTP authorization header
  • [JCBC-104] - Cannot discern difference between modified and timed out on synchronous operations - OperationStatus on observed operations does not record the status of the observe
  • [JCBC-107] - OperationStatus message is incorrect if observe poll interval or limit is tuned
  • [JCBC-110] - observe method does not correctly check persistence or replication status on replica node/vbuckets


  • [JCBC-37] - Missing documentation for CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder()
  • [JCBC-79] - View error options at query time
  • [JCBC-106] - Upgrade Netty dependency
  • [JCBC-112] - Updated getting started to match beer sample DB

New Feature

  • [JCBC-25] - support errors on views

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