Release Notes - Couchbase Java Client - Version 1.1.1 - HTML format


  • [JCBC-134] - resubscriber IllegalArgumentException during topology changes
  • [JCBC-143] - Prepend should not require CAS
  • [JCBC-172] - Clarify that getView returns a handle/future like object and not an actual rowset
  • [JCBC-186] - there is no CouchbaseCacheManager in 1.1.0, but in the API reference
  • [JCBC-187] - Incorrect code in tutorial/doc
  • [JCBC-191] - DOC: missing reference to "maven repository" in the tutorial
  • [JCBC-192] - DOC : Downloading page mention the 1.1 BETA
  • [JCBC-213] - IllegalArgumentException when calling vBucket-related methods
  • [JCBC-214] - client does not failover properly when bootstrap node fails in a soft way
  • [JCBC-216] - buildinfo class is not packaged properly


  • [JCBC-82] - Updated screencast for /develop pages
  • [JCBC-140] - Code breaks when Connection URI is improper
  • [JCBC-174] - Add all Java IDE in .gitignore file
  • [JCBC-185] - autodocs don't have links to spymemcached methods (i.e., most of the API)
  • [JCBC-190] - Allow ComplexKeys to work with Floats (not only Doubles)
  • [JCBC-215] - Refactor viewmode property loading

New Feature

  • [JCBC-212] - Add new throttling feature to allow us to keep from using all system memory

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