Release Notes - Couchbase Java Client - Version 1.1.2 - HTML format


  • [JCBC-70] - Client fails to reconnect to server of non-default memcached bucket after failover and add back
  • [JCBC-170] - Update java documentation in the SDK.
  • [JCBC-176] - Using BucketTool helper - error in connection to the server, bucket creation, deletion.
  • [JCBC-219] - Fix reconnect logic when server closes the socket.
  • [JCBC-223] - Cannot use Persist.ONE/MASTER on a single node installation
  • [JCBC-225] - ClusterManagerTest - Handle failure in testWithSomeBadAddrs
  • [JCBC-227] - client behaves poorly if entire URI list is not available
  • [JCBC-230] - View Connection only released when successful (not on failure)


  • [JCBC-181] - Misleading exception when replica server not found
  • [JCBC-211] - Refactor property management into a centralized class.

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