Release Notes - Couchbase Java Client - Version 1.1.3 - HTML format


  • [JCBC-27] - race condition during startup
  • [JCBC-178] - Java Client's Manual 1.1
  • [JCBC-198] - Using ReplicateTo.ONE after node-failover leads to index out of bounds
  • [JCBC-218] - CLONE - Client constructor blocks or deadlocks
  • [JCBC-226] - Delete's get() doesnt return the right value
  • [JCBC-245] - Docs: Javadoc states that a java.lang.String is required for the value in a write operation, whereas online docs state object
  • [JCBC-254] - handle NOT_FOUND responses in observe() method for delete observe situations


  • [JCBC-188] - Tutorial quickstart
  • [JCBC-210] - Throw CancellationException instead of RuntimeException on op cancel
  • [JCBC-236] - Error handling documentation


  • [JCBC-251] - Observe ignores replica on index 0
  • [JCBC-253] - Observe timing out when failing over

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