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[3.1.2 Backport] Revision Cache, Replications with purge_on_removal and meta.xattrs for channel assignment not purging/syncing consistently



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    • 3.1.2
    • 3.0.5
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    • CBG Sprint 136
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      I think I am seeing a bug with utilizing some new features in the SGW 3.0.X for replications and the revision cache
      xattrs is being leveraged and used for channel assignment
      purge_on_removal is enabled on our replication
      Replication is being filtered via access grants for the user
      What I'm seeing is if we do the following actions we get inconsistent purging and replication of the documents from the Shore (Remote) to the Ship (Local - running a PULL replication). We were using the default values for the cache.rev_cache.size = 5000
      Grant the replication user access to ChannelA via Admin Interface  (the only channel the user has access to)
      Tag 500 document with ChannelA  by populating the meta.xattrs.userChannels
      Confirm count for Shore and Ship match - everything is working
      Update  all 500 documents to remove them from ChannelA
      An inconsistent number of documents get removed (e.g Ship goes from 500 -> 275 or something like that)
      Update the documents to be back in ChannelA - doesn't always fully replicate the documents back to the ship (e.g 275 -> 489)
      If we are to disable the cache.rev_cache  by setting size = 0  the above steps will consistently purge and replicate the documents. We have not seen any issue like this if we are to remove channel access from the user and re-granting of channels.


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