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[3.1.6 Backport] Tweak logging around import of JSON but not JSON object docs



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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 3.1.6
    • 3.1.2, 3.0.9
    • SyncGateway
    • Security Level: Public
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    • CBG Sprint 149
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      CB Server document data types are determined based on whether the body is valid JSON. This includes non-object JSON types, like arrays, strings, numbers.

      Documents that CB Server determined was not a binary data type, but are also not a JSON object (e.g. arrays, numbers, strings) are handled differently by SG import than just binary documents.


      CBG-3332 made SG warn when encountering a JSON data type document that is not a JSON object appear over DCP, even if there is no pre-existing _sync metadata present with a misleading log message.

      • For true binary (non-JSON) docs (MemcachedDataTypeRaw):
        • Nothing required. Existing info loging covers.
      • For JSON but not JSON object docs:
        • If no existing _sync data present:
          • Similar info log to describe why we're not importing this document.
          • It's valid that customers have counter documents, etc. that they don't ever want importing by SG.
        • If there is _sync data present:
          • Detect this case and continue to warn.
          • Implies the document should be mobile-aware but can no longer be (because of the body being changed to something other than a JSON object)
          • Sync metadata should be removed from the document if it is no longer needed for CB Mobile.


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