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Repeated change entries on access grant to doc's previous channel



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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 2.8.0
    • 2.7.0
    • SyncGateway
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    • CBG Sprint 55
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      N.B. The downstream effects of this are still to be investigated, but the behaviour in and of itself is incorrect so raising this now

      Consider the following scenario:

      • User jflath has access to channel foo.
      • Doc test is created in channels [ foo , bar ].
      • Doc test is updated to remove it from channel bar, leaving just foo.
      • User jflath is granted access to channel bar.
      • User jflath starts a changes feed with no channel filter.

      Expected behaviour

      • jflath receives test in the changes feed with Removed:[bar]

      Observed behaviour

      • jflath receives test in the changes feed without Removed:[bar]
      • jflath also receives test in the changes feed with Removed:[bar]


      • Create the user (here done in config):

      "users": {
        "GUEST": {
          "admin_channels": [
          "disabled": true
        "jflath": {
          "admin_channels": ["foo"],
          "password": "pass"

      • Add doc in both channels:

      $ curl localhost:4985/db/test -X PUT -H 'Content-type: application/json' -d '{"channels":["foo", "bar"]}'

      • Remove doc from bar:

      $ curl localhost:4985/db/test -X PUT -H 'Content-type: application/json' -d '{"channels":["foo"], "_rev":"1-5467c30804fb9448df4873941c0c8ed8"}'

      • Grant jflath access to bar:

      $ curl localhost:4985/db/_user/jflath -X PUT -d '{"admin_channels": ["foo", "bar"]}'

      • First check changes from admin perspective - everything looks normal:

      $ curl localhost:4985/db/_changes

      • Get changes as jflath, receive two entries for the same doc:

      $ curl localhost:4984/db/_changes -u jflath:pass


      The changes response gives us a good clue - the same doc/rev is listed under 4 and 5:4 - we get the 4 from jflath's access to foo and the 5:4 from the access to bar. We do have handling for the case where a doc has been removed from one of the channels being requested but not others, and check here:


      				for i, cur := range current {
      					if cur != nil && cur.Seq == minSeq {
      						current[i] = nil
      						// Track whether this is a removal from all user's channels
      						if cur.Removed == nil && minEntry.allRemoved == true {
      							minEntry.allRemoved = false
      						// Also concatenate the matching entries' Removed arrays:
      						if cur != minEntry && cur.Removed != nil {
      							if minEntry.Removed == nil {
      								minEntry.Removed = cur.Removed
      							} else {
      								minEntry.Removed = minEntry.Removed.Union(cur.Removed)

      The trouble is the check of cur.Seq == minSeq doesn't work when comparing 4 and 5:4, so they aren't treated as the same entry. My naive fix would be to tweak the check to compare cur.Seq.Seq == minSeq.Seq (i.e. the "real" seq of the doc only, not factoring in the TriggeredBy or LowSeq), but I don't think this would completely fix things based on how we pull items off the current array. It does work for this test case though...


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