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Replicator change event has idle with timeout error



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      From the log while doing test fest, the replicator is trying to save the checkpoint but the SG is not responding. The expectation is that replicator should be stopped / offline with timeout error. However it seems like CBL Replicator got change event from Lite Core Replicator with IDLE and timeout error.

      2019-08-01 14:50:57.918253-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Network Verbose: <CBLWebSocket: 0x2828b9cc0>: HasBytesAvailable
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.918674-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Network Verbose: DoRead...
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.919134-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Network Verbose: DoRead read 82 bytes
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.919363-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Network Verbose: <<< received 82 bytes [now 82 pending]
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.920351-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Network Verbose: {BLIPIO#2968} Received frame: ERR #11 ----, length    78
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.921135-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Network Verbose: {Connection#2966} Receiving ERR #11
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.921350-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Network Verbose: {Connection#2966} Finished receiving ERR #11
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.922005-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Replicator ERROR: {Repl#2967} Got error response: HTTP 503 'Database timeout error (gocb.ErrTimeout)'
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.922391-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Replicator WARNING: {Repl#2967} Failed to save checkpoint!
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.922624-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Replicator Verbose: {Repl#2967} progress +0/+0, 0 docs -- now 930 / 930, 4 docs
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.922830-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Replicator Info: {Repl#2967} activityLevel=idle: connectionState=2
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.923029-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Replicator Info: {Repl#2967} now idle
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.923800-0700 Todo[11966:4567949] CouchbaseLite Replicator Info: CBLReplicator[<*> URL[ws://ec2-54-197-194-172.compute-1.amazonaws.com:4984/todo]] is idle, progress 930/930, error: Error Domain=CouchbaseLite Code=10503 "Database timeout error (gocb.ErrTimeout)" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Database timeout error (gocb.ErrTimeout)}
      2019-08-01 14:50:57.924402-0700 Todo[11966:4549482] [Todo] Replicator: IDLE 930/930, error: Error Domain=CouchbaseLite Code=10503 "Database timeout error (gocb.ErrTimeout)" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Database timeout error (gocb.ErrTimeout)}


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