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Bucket-less bootstrap times out when client certificate authentication is being used



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      Using the same certs I was able to connect using gocb and connect to the rest apis using the python requests library

      lcb_INSTANCE *instance;
      lcb_CREATEOPTS *createopts;
      std::string connstr = "couchbases://";
      lcb_createopts_create(&createopts, LCB_TYPE_CLUSTER);
      lcb_createopts_connstr(createopts, connstr.c_str(), connstr.size());
      ASSERT_STATUS_EQ(LCB_SUCCESS, lcb_create(&instance, createopts));
      ASSERT_STATUS_EQ(LCB_SUCCESS, lcb_connect(instance));

      0ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (instance - L:521) Version=3.2.2, Changeset=fadbd4d1617df952457abfa9984d095015f1ca52
      0ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (instance - L:522) Effective connection string: couchbases:// Bucket=(null)
      2ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (SSL - L:356) Load verify locations from "/Users/jakerawsthorne/Code/cbsdk/cbdyncluster/ca.pem"
      3ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (SSL - L:362) Authenticate with key "/Users/jakerawsthorne/Code/cbsdk/cbdyncluster/client.key", cert "/Users/jakerawsthorne/Code/cbsdk/cbdyncluster/client.pem"
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (instance - L:212) DNS SRV lookup failed: LCB_ERR_UNKNOWN_HOST (1049). Ignore this if not relying on DNS SRV records
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:155) Adding host to initial HTTP bootstrap list
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (instance - L:155) Adding host to initial CCCP bootstrap list
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (instance - L:193) Bootstrap hosts loaded (cccp:1, http:1)
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (bootstrap - L:277) Requested network configuration: heuristic
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (confmon - L:94) Preparing providers (this may be called multiple times)
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (confmon - L:100) Provider CCCP is ENABLED
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (confmon - L:100) Provider HTTP is ENABLED
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (confmon - L:319) Refreshing current cluster map (bucket: (null))
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (cccp - L:176) Requesting connection to node for CCCP configuration
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (lcbio_mgr - L:501) <> (HE=0x7fc5af0090f0) Creating new connection because none are available in the pool
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (lcbio_mgr - L:413) <> (HE=0x7fc5af0090f0) New pool entry: I=0x7fc5af0099e0
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (connection - L:497) <> (SOCK=7aabc0edef3b9791) Starting. Timeout=2000000us
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (connection - L:262) <> (SOCK=7aabc0edef3b9791) Created new socket with FD=11
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (connection - L:362) <> (SOCK=7aabc0edef3b9791) Scheduling I/O watcher for asynchronous connection completion.
      908ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (confmon - L:305) Attempting to retrieve cluster map via CCCP
      1061ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (connection - L:159) <> (SOCK=7aabc0edef3b9791) Connected established
      1061ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (connection - L:106) <> (SOCK=7aabc0edef3b9791) Successfully set TCP_NODELAY
      1061ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (connection - L:106) <> (SOCK=7aabc0edef3b9791) Successfully set TCP_KEEPALIVE
      1061ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (lcbio_mgr - L:369) <> (HE=0x7fc5af0090f0) Received result for I=0x7fc5af0099e0,C=0x0; E=0x0
      1061ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (lcbio_mgr - L:329) <> (HE=0x7fc5af0090f0) Assigning R=0x7fc5af0098e0 SOCKET=0x7fc5af009c20
      1061ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (ioctx - L:94) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad706c80,unknown) Pairing with SOCK=7aabc0edef3b9791
      1062ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (negotiation - L:469) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad706c80,sasl,SASLREQ=0x7fc5ae808200) HELO identificator: {"a":"libcouchbase/3.2.2 (Darwin-19.6.0; x86_64; AppleClang","i":"19f1a190caf88188/7aabc0edef3b9791"}, features: 0x02 (TLS), 0x06 (XATTR), 0x0b (JSON), 0x08 (Select bucket), 0x07 (XERROR), 0x03 (TCP nodelay), 0x0a (Snappy), 0x04 (Mutation seqno), 0x0f (Tracing), 0x12 (Collections), 0x0e (Unordered execution), 0x17 (Create as Deleted), 0x14 (Preserve Expiry)
      1062ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (SSL - L:242) sock=0x7fc5af009c20: ST(0x10). before SSL initialization. R(0x1)U
      1225ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (SSL - L:242) sock=0x7fc5af009c20: ST(0x20). SSL negotiation finished successfully. R(0x1)U
      1225ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (SSL - L:246) sock=0x7fc5af009c20. Using SSL version TLSv1.3. Cipher=TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384
      1382ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (negotiation - L:500) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad706c80,sasl,SASLREQ=0x7fc5ae808200) Server supports features: 0x03 (TCP nodelay), 0x04 (Mutation seqno), 0x06 (XATTR), 0x07 (XERROR), 0x08 (Select bucket), 0x0a (Snappy), 0x0b (JSON), 0x0e (Unordered execution), 0x0f (Tracing), 0x12 (Collections), 0x14 (Preserve Expiry), 0x17 (Create as Deleted)
      1382ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (ioctx - L:139) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad706c80,sasl) Destroying context. Pending Writes=0, Entered=true, Socket Refcount=1
      1382ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (ioctx - L:94) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad419e90,unknown) Pairing with SOCK=7aabc0edef3b9791
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [ERROR] (cccp - L:187) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad419e90,bc_cccp) Could not get configuration: LCB_ERR_TIMEOUT (201)
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (ioctx - L:139) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad419e90,bc_cccp) Destroying context. Pending Writes=0, Entered=false, Socket Refcount=1
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (confmon - L:216) Provider 'CCCP' failed: LCB_ERR_TIMEOUT (201)
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (confmon - L:260) Will try next provider in 0us
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (confmon - L:305) Attempting to retrieve cluster map via HTTP
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (htconfig - L:359) Starting HTTP Configuration Provider 0x7fc5ad506700
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (connection - L:497) <> (SOCK=5b79083f31e71754) Starting. Timeout=2000000us
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (connection - L:262) <> (SOCK=5b79083f31e71754) Created new socket with FD=11
      3386ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (connection - L:362) <> (SOCK=5b79083f31e71754) Scheduling I/O watcher for asynchronous connection completion.
      3537ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [INFO] (connection - L:159) <> (SOCK=5b79083f31e71754) Connected established
      3537ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (connection - L:106) <> (SOCK=5b79083f31e71754) Successfully set TCP_NODELAY
      3537ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (connection - L:106) <> (SOCK=5b79083f31e71754) Successfully set TCP_KEEPALIVE
      3537ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (htconfig - L:315) Successfuly connected to REST API
      3537ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (ioctx - L:94) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad706ce0,unknown) Pairing with SOCK=5b79083f31e71754
      3537ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (SSL - L:242) sock=0x7fc5af009d00: ST(0x10). before SSL initialization. R(0x1)U
      3883ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (SSL - L:242) sock=0x7fc5af009d00: ST(0x20). SSL negotiation finished successfully. R(0x1)U
      3883ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [DEBUG] (SSL - L:246) sock=0x7fc5af009d00. Using SSL version TLSv1.2. Cipher=DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA
      4045ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (htconfig - L:214) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad706ce0,bc_http) Received 395 bytes on HTTP stream
      4071ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [TRACE] (htconfig - L:214) <> (CTX=0x7fc5ad706ce0,bc_http) Received 7536 bytes on HTTP stream
      5909ms [I19f1a190caf88188] {95063/307} [ERROR] (bootstrap - L:205) Failed to bootstrap client=0x7fc5ad505c60. Error=LCB_ERR_TIMEOUT (201) (Last=LCB_ERR_TIMEOUT (201)), Message="Failed to bootstrap in time"



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