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      Use_view does not work with defined `scope/collection`


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      Slack td;dr:

      Mohammed Madi  14 days ago
      I was looking around the sgw scopes and collections docs but couldnt see anywhere that mentioned that gsi is required/ it's not compatible with use_views, is that mentioned anywhere?

      • Couchbase views enable indexing and querying of data.
      • ok, views are supported in sgw by using the use_views setting in the sgw config
      • scopes and collections are incompatible with use_views, they require GSI
      • we have no info on how many customers use views, it was deprecated in CBS 7.0, SGW 3.1 can be ran with use_views but scopes and collections wouldnt work, they can only use default scope and collection (edited)
      • So when a 3.1 user uses custom_scope / custom_collection (or a variation of default and custom  S&Cs) it won’t work?
      • yes, attempting to create a db with defined s&c with use_views set to true will return a 400 response (edited)
      • fix what exactly? its unsupported
      • you just said it works with default
      • it works with default but not with defined scopes and collections
      • so the above error uses this db config – – on creating a database

      {"bucket": "default", "num_index_replicas": 0,  "scopes" : {"scope1": {
            "collections": {
              "collection1" : {
              }}}}, "enable_shared_bucket_access": true, "use_views": true}


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