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FTS - Major glitches in 7.0 documentation



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      1. FTS Architecture =>  why are search metrics there? Out of place - belongs to a separate section. (reflected in new ToC)
      2. Ports Used => Contains misplaced contents of Partial Results. ref - https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/fts/fts-architecture-ports-used.html#partial-and-full-results
      3. FTS Monitor  => Page has the following issues                                                                                                                                                      
        • has broken images.
        • 9200 as Port values. It has to be 8094.
        • Formatting of the output messed up
        • “The statistics display the following graphical charts for full text search index: * Search Mutations Remaining: The number of mutations not yet indexed.” looks bad.
      4. FTS Rebalance/failover => Remove this - “{| |” ?   (from the curl contents) ref -https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/fts/fts-rebalance-failover.html#configuring-the-maximum-concurrent-partition-moves-per-node
      5. Full Text Indexes => Contains irrelevant contents about scopes/collections. ref - https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/fts/fts.html
      6. Type Mappings => Few images are of poor resolution/quality. Not clear enough. ref - https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/fts/fts-type-mappings.html
      7.  Understanding Analysers => Links need to be updated for both For an explanation of character filters, see the section in Understanding Analyzers. (replace with char filter link) and For more information on token filters, see the section in Understanding Analyzers. (replace with token filter link) and same for For more information on tokenizers, see the section in Understanding Analyzers.
      8.  Custom filters => Broken links for  Token Filters, on the page Understanding Analyzers.
      9. Date/Time Parsers =>  an example should be added.
      10. Index Partitioning => "See Using the Index Definition Preview." Link is Broken.
      11. Creating Index from UI => Images of wrong/magnified resolution. Need to fix this.                                                                                                    **                                                                                                    (Add link to the non default collection and scope specification?)
      12. Editing/ Cloning Full Text Indexes => broken link See Searching from the UI
      13. Searching Fulltext Indexes/Aliases => Fix all broken links. (all links are broken)
      14. Supported Queries => Fix Broken links 
      15. Sorting => "see Performing Searches." Link broken.
      16. Searching from UI => Fix broken links. Few of them are broken. (Landing pahe, Date Range, field scoping etc)
      17. Searching with the REST API => links are broken.
      18. Queries with curl/http => Date range query has an empty response.


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