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Python 4.0 migration guides



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      see DOC-9626 for Node 

      For reference, these were the changes made for Node 4.0

      • transactions
      • client settings
      • management API stuffs
      • metrics and logging
      • capella first
      • sdk-release-notes:
      • These pages cover the 4.x and 3.x versions of the Couchbase Node.js SDK.
      • durability-replication-failure-considerations.adoc (Legacy durability not supported in cb++)
      • client-settings
      • WARNING: The backend implementation of client settings changed substantially in 4.0 and is not currently fully documented.
      • This will be resolved in a future 4.x release.
      • See xref:project-docs:migrating-sdk-code-to-3.n.adoc#sdk4-specifics[more details on migrating to 4.0].
      • collecting-information-and-logging.adoc
      • WARNING: the Logging implementation has changed substantially in 4.0 and is not currently fully documented.
      • This will be resolved in a future 4.x release.
      • The Node.js SDK internally uses the libcouchbase API (since 4.0 implemented by the Couchbase++ library) to perform
      • operations.
      • hello-world/overview
      • libcouchbase mention
      • start-using-sdk
      • NB: need to mention Alpine Linux
      • The Couchbase SDK API 3 (implemented by Node.js SDK 3.x and 4.x) is a complete rewrite of the API, reducing the number of overloads to present a simplified surface area, and adding support for Couchbase Server features like xref:concept-docs:collections.adoc[Collections and Scopes] (available from Couchbase Server 7.0).
      • Renames / things to search for throughout
      • libcouchbase -> Couchbase++ (with appropriate wording in context)
      • SDK2 / SDK3
      • SDK 2 / SDK 3
      • “SDK 2 KV APIs” -> “SDK API 2 KV calls”
      • SDK 3.x or 3.x
      • 3.x SDK 
      • 3.0 API
      • the new SDK API
      • 3.2 SDK -> SDK API 3.2
      • .SDK 2.x vs SDK 3.x clustermanager (‘Just `clustermanager` changes)



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