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Must fix versioning situation for couchbase-operator-backup



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      The current versioning scheme for couchbase-operator-backup is different than every other product in the company, and it is causing significant difficulties and confusion for product releases.

      • We have to have a different manifest for every Server base version we want to support. This won't scale.
      • The internal build numbers are exposed to customers as we have no other way of disambiguating different "6.6.0" etc builds. That is, the final customer image is eg. couchbase/operator-backup:6.6.0-102 where 102 is the internal build number. This is more difficult than it should be to keep track of.
      • Black Duck scans are nearly impossible because we cannot possibly scan every build number as a separate product. Our current solution is to scan all "6.6.0" builds as the same product/version, which matches every other product. But this doesn't actually make sense since multiple "6.6.0" releases are already GA and we get updated scans for each 6.6.0 build.

      My understanding is that the fundamental reason for this confused state is that cbbackupmgr is not guaranteed to work with any Server version other than the one it was built with. Is that accurate? Is there work underway to correct that situation?


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