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[OCP] Certification Command breaks with the default sidecar image versions.



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      The images of sidecar components: backup, logging, exporter on Openshift platform are usually released with "-1" suffix.

      Eg: the backup image for 2.3.0 on redhat registry is processed to be released as couchbase/backup:1.3.0-1

      This was changed when uploading sidecar images for 2.3.0 and the default suffix is now "-2", so all the sidecar images will be released with template: "<version>-2"

      The suffix attached to the images in previous CND versions did not play a major role other than letting customers know of the image convention or an upgrade in image to "-2" or "-3" from the default "-1" suffix in case of a fix against the same version.

      So, why this ticket?:

      From 2.3.0 onwards, we are shipping test code as well in one of the release images which is operator-certification.

      Customers are given provisions to execute cao certify on their respective platforms to run a series of test cases to verify if their platform is compatible for the Operator to be deployed and used in various scenarios.

      The command as mentioned above takes in default values of different sidecars and components from the test code and pulls those images when required.

      These defaults for Openshift images are present with "-1" suffix in the test code.

      Hence, any customer trying to use Openshift images for certification process will run into errors when running test cases with these sidecar components and will have to explicitly override the default values: seems reasonable to me with a point in the known issue section of the docs asking them to modify the values.

      What is the solution:

      This can be fixed in the test code by simply changing the default values of the openshift images. However, the fix when merged will result in a new build of CND. 

      Issue with the solution:

      This new build will have change in the test codebase and strictly speaking affects only the openshift certification image

      But, there'll be a mismatch in the sha of the certification images of dockerhub and redhat if the dockerhub image is not changed/reuploaded with the new build: Are we ok with that?

      In any case, the openshift certification image is not stated to be released for the next 2-3 weeks as per comments on the release ticket(???) so we should be able to change.

      Change is required in this file: [https://github.com/couchbase/couchbase-operator/blob/master/test/e2e/framework/constants_redhat.go#L19]

      This can either be a docs ticket or a change in test code. Hence, assigned to you for further action.


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