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CLONE - [XDCR] panic found in goxdcr logs



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Blocker
    • 4.1.2, 4.5.1
    • 4.1.2
    • XDCR
    • None
    • Untriaged
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      3 set of tests were conducted on 4.1.2-6089:

      Test 1:

      1. Setup capi replication from a 2 node 4.1.2 cluster to an es cluster
      2. Pump in data
      3. Pause replication and resume it
      4. Pump in more data
      5. Ensure replication is caught up on es cluster

      This test went through fine - no core dumps - logs attached as test1.zip

      Test 2:

      1. Setup capi replication from a 2 node 3.1.0 cluster to es cluster
      2. Pump in data - ensure it caught up on es cluster
      3. Online upgrade 2 node cb cluster to 4.1.2-6089
      4. Pump in more data - ensure it caught up on es cluster (took some time to catchup but eventually did)

      This test also went through fine - logs attached as test2.zip
      For following test, I used the upgraded cluster from above test
      Test 3:

      1. Pump in 200k items - simultaneously close index on es cluster for n seconds and reopen it
      2. An error was thrown in UI temporarily - screenshot attached in test3.zip
      3. Eventually error went away and replication caught up right away in es cluster
      4. Pump in 400k items
      5. Simultaneously close, open, close again and reopen index on es cluster
      6. No errors on UI this time
      7. Replication caught up quickly on es cluster

      Collected logs for this test and there are panic errors found - logs attached as test3.zip


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