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Increase collection and scope name length from 30 to 251 bytes



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      Currently 30 bytes is the limit (hangover from an implementation that embedded collection name into the key).

      From slack (Lior King) this needs increasing.

      I’ve just realised that there is a limit to the collections and scope names in Couchbase - up to 30 characters.

      This limitation might cast problems for people migrating from other databases:

      • MongoDB - Maximum collection name length is 120 characters on Mongo 4.2 and 255 character on MongoDB 4.4.
      • Oracle 12.2 and above - maximum object name length is 128 characters.
      • SQL Server - 128 characters.
      • MySQL - 64 characters.
      • Postgres - 63 characters.

      I think the 30 character limitation is too low - especially for collections names (scope names are less problematic).

      Is there any way this limitation can be changed ?

      Note that the quoted mongo limit is not accurate, that is the max of a namespace which includes the collection name as part of that total.

      From KV, we place the collection/scope name into the key field of some protocol messages (DCP system event) and that field has a 1 byte length, allowing a maximum of 255 bytes to be defined, however that field is already 'validated' upto a maximum of 251 (as it is also shared with document keys). 251 gives plenty of options for escaping and future growth.

      Plan - Move

      • collection name maximum length to be 251 bytes.
      • scope name maximum length to be 251 bytes.


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