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[BP MB-40810] - Allow deploy "everything" and "from now" to be a setting per Function



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      The UI always defaulting to "everything" is a wrong for certain use cases. Today, when we export, we always set it to "everything" in the exported file, and when deploy, we always default to "everything".

      Currently we set "dcp_stream_boundary": "everything" when we export Functions but it's not doing anything useful once the handler is exported. And we always by default do a deploy from everything, we allow this to be overridden in the UI.  An improvement would be to allow the "default" to come from athe Function's settings.

      Some customers always deploy from now, others mostly deploy form everything and I imagine we will find a "mix" in the future.

      The UI should allow a "default" preference on a per handler basis to be configured in the settings as an option (and it could be changed via REST or CLI)

      • "dcp_stream_boundary": "everything"
      • "dcp_stream_boundary": "from_now" (not sure what now should be)

      Should be a required setting, like other settings for example "source bucket"

      The benefit is that this will cut down on repetitive work and mistakes made by customers who have to deploy from now.  In the UI customers should be able to override the configured setting when they confirm the deployment (but this should not be sticky).


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