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Travel-sample Bucket does not load successfully




      Loaded sample Bucket - Travel sample and no items count observed for it.

      When tried to access its data from Document error observed as:

      Query: select meta().id from `travel-sample`.`_default`.`_default` data order by meta().id limit 200 offset 0
      Code: 4000
      Message: "Primary index def_primary not online."

      On Indexes Status observed as created as "21.5K mutations remaining".

      In Logs , Event failed to load travel sample with below error:

      2021-02-22T01:52:18.688-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (404) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:18.688-08:00 WARN: (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Request to endpoint '/pools/default/buckets/travel-sample' failed with status code 404 -- rest.(*Request).Execute() at request.go:142
      2021-02-22T01:52:18.688-08:00 Bucket travel-sample does not exist, creating one with the specified settings
      2021-02-22T01:52:18.688-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:18.718-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) (202) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:19.721-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:19.735-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:20.721-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:20.738-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:21.727-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:21.746-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.721-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.728-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.729-08:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Successfully ensured bucket 'travel-sample' exists | {"number":1,"duration":"4.0430114s"}
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.729-08:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Automatically creating/editing scopes/collections for bucket 'travel-sample'
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.729-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.736-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.736-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.738-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.738-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.741-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.742-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (PUT) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.781-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (PUT) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:22.783-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:25.334-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:25.334-08:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Successfully created/edited scopes/collections for bucket 'travel-sample' | {"number":2,"duration":"2.6049829s"}
      2021-02-22T01:52:25.334-08:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Transferring bucket configuration for bucket 'travel-sample'
      2021-02-22T01:52:25.335-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:25.375-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:25.376-08:00 Editing bucket to conform with settings provided
      2021-02-22T01:52:25.376-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:25.471-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (POST) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:26.482-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) Dispatching request to ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:26.499-08:00 (REST) (Attempt 1) (GET) (200) Received response from ''
      2021-02-22T01:52:26.500-08:00 (Plan) (Bucket) Successfully transferred bucket configuration for bucket 'travel-sample' | {"number":3,"duration":"1.165999s"}
      2021-02-22T01:52:26.500-08:00 (Plan) (Index) Transferring views definitions for bucket 'travel-sample'
      2021-02-22T01:52:27.142-08:00 (Plan) (Index) Successfully transferred views definitions for bucket 'travel-sample' | {"number":4,"duration":"641.9958ms"}
      2021-02-22T01:52:27.142-08:00 (Plan) (Query) Executing queries for bucket 'travel-sample'
      2021-02-22T01:52:57.931-08:00 JSON import failed: 0 documents were imported, 0 documents failed to be imported
      JSON import failed: 0 documents were imported, 0 documents failed to be imported
      2021-02-22T01:52:57.931-08:00 JSON import failed: failed to execute cluster operations: failed to execute bucket operation for bucket 'travel-sample': failed to execute queries for bucket 'travel-sample': failed to execute queries against sink bucket: failed to execute query: ambiguous timeout | {"InnerError":{"InnerError":{"InnerError":{},"Message":"ambiguous timeout"}},"OperationID":"http","Opaque":"1207c833-bc51-4fa5-b866-52e44ecd673f","TimeObserved":30000018100,"RetryReasons":null,"RetryAttempts":0,"LastDispatchedTo":"","LastDispatchedFrom":"","LastConnectionID":""} | {"statement":"CREATE PRIMARY INDEX def_primary on `travel-sample` USING GSI WITH {\"defer_build\":true}","client_context_id":"1207c833-bc51-4fa5-b866-52e44ecd673f"}


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