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[CBM] Improve resilience to power outage/kill -9 scenarios



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      What's the issue?
      Although we do have logic to handle unexpected failures such as power outages and a 'kill -9', it's currently built of unsafe assumptions, these assumptions are:

      1. That SQLite will be able to recover from a power outage (by default, this should be the case, however, we disable journals and syncing)
      2. The the 'RiftBufferedWriter' will be able to recover from a power outage (we use the 'sync_file_range' syscall as a performance optimization; this isn't safe on some filesystems as file metadata will not be written out as it would with 'fdatasync').

      Some of our testing will prematurely 'kill -9' 'cbbackupmgr' in an effort to test resume support, this has lead to situations where an invalid/corrupt SQLite file is detected. See this case where one of our tests has failed due to a 'database disk image malformed'.

      What's the fix?
      Ideally, we should better handle these situations where possible:

      1. Move away from using the truncate-overwrite pattern (MB-46878)
      2. Enable syncing for SQLite (potentially enable journals, although we need to consider that not all journal types are supported on NFS)
      3. Periodically sync using 'fsync' or 'fdatasync' in the 'RiftBufferedWriter'


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