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Reset Index on storage corruption




      Forums issue: https://forums.couchbase.com/t/all-indexes-dropped-after-hardware-failure/31194

      After having disk problems (it looks like), I rebooted the system and found that Couchbase had automatically deleted all the indexes. I found no way to restore only the backed up indexes and had to manually recreate the indexes - this is an extremely strange database behaviour, was it not possible to handle this case in a different way instead of deleting all the indexes?

      Web console log:

      Cleaup done for index xxx, partition id 0.
      Detected storage corruption for index xxx, partition id 0. Starting cleanup.
      Repeat and delete all indexes

      Indexer log:

      [Error] plasmaSlice:NewplasmaSlice Id 0x693ac0 IndexInstId 12332122332123322123 fatal error occured: Unable to initialize xxx.index\mainIndex, err = Bucket/xxx/Mainstore#12332122332123322123:0 : fatal: read failure in recovery: EOF
      [Error] plasmaSlice:NewplasmaSlice Id 0 IndexInstId 12332122332123322123 PartitionId 0 fatal error occured: Storage corrupted and unrecoverable
      [Info] Bucket/xxx/Backstore#12332122332123322123:0 Plasma: Disable page eviction before reaching quota.
      [Error] Indexer:: initPartnInstance storage corruption for indexInst

      Indexer::initFromPersistedState Starting cleanup for PartitionId: 0 Endpoints: [:9105]
      Indexer::forceCleanupIndexPartition 12332122332123322123 0 mark metadata as deleted
      ClustMgr:handleCleanupPartition&{{9876499879879879879 xxx plasma Bucket acb327acb273acb19287acb390acaacb false [field] N1QL SINGLE [false] false false false 0 false 0

      {true 0 0 0}

      0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0} 12332122332123322123 0 0 true}


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