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FTS does not work if N2n encryption is set to 'all'



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    • 7.0.2, 7.1.0
    • 7.0.1
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      When n2n encryption is set to 'all' FTS is deeming the certificates used by the cluster invalid as it's trying to use loopback to connect. This means it can never setup DCP streams and will never build any indexes.
      FTS is essentially non-functional in this setup, unsure if this only affects clusters where data is colocated with FTS.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a single node cluster with FTS, I used docker. Important: Make sure you do not set the hostname as, I used the IP of the docker container and you enable node-to-node-encryption on setup screen:

        docker run -d --name 7.0.1 -p 8091-8097:8091-8097 couchbase:7.0.1

      2. Set the encryption level to 'all':

        /opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-cli setting-security -c localhost -u Administrator -p password --set --cluster-encryption-level all

      3. Import travel-sample dataset
      4. Create an index on travel-sample
      5. View the index build progress

      Expected behavior

      • Index builds correctly
      • Index is searchable

      Actual behavior

      • Index never builds


      From logs (linked in comments), we can see that it's trying to connect to for DCP:

      2021-10-06T20:58:03.375+00:00 [WARN] (GOCBCORE) Failed to connect to host. Get x509: certificate is valid for, not -- cbgt.GocbcoreLogger.Log() at gocbcore_utils.go:618
      2021-10-06T20:58:03.380+00:00 [WARN] feed_dcp_gocbcore: CreateDcpAgent, err: Get x509: certificate is valid for, not (close DCPAgent: 0xc0003a8400) -- cbgt.setupGocbcoreDCPAgent() at feed_dcp_gocbcore.go:368
      2021-10-06T20:58:03.380+00:00 [WARN] janitor: JanitorOnce, err: janitor: JanitorOnce errors: 1, []string{"#0: janitor: adding feed, err: feed_dcp_gocbcore: StartGocbcoreDCPFeed, could not prepare DCP feed, name: matt-test_6bddea98114e276e_4c1c5584, server:, bucketName: travel-sample, indexName: matt-test, err: newGocbcoreDCPFeed DCPAgent, err: feed_dcp_gocbcore: fetchAgent, setup err: agent setup failed, err: Get x509: certificate is valid for, not"} -- cbgt.(*Manager).JanitorLoop() at manager_janitor.go:97

      Obviously, as is not in the SANs of the certificate this fails.
      It's exceptionally uncommon to add localhost to any certificate, and is not even possible for third-party public CA issued certs (e.g. GoDaddy etc).
      I'd expect that FTS always tries to connect DCP over the configured hostnames in the cluster so that.


      If you are able to, you can add to the SAN of the certificates of each of your nodes.


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