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Please reconsider adding Moxi for localhost:11211 applications



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      I understand that from MB-9112 it was decided to remove Moxi altogether. I also understand security concerns surrounding port 11211.

      However, I wanted to ask for reconsideration of this action and submit a feature request to bring back Moxi to re-enable memcached dependent client applications, but perhaps as an option that is disabled by default.

      Consider an application scenario where both the client application (i.e. Shibboleth) and Couchbase are installed on theĀ same server. In this setup, highest ops/sec are achieved by configuring the client application's memcached client to store documents at localhost:11211 and all replication work is handled by Couchbase to replicate node-to-node over encrypted channels. In this scenario, there is absolutely no reason to open port 11211 on the server since it's now configured for local use only (assuming a default firewall configuration where only ports that are explicitly defined are opened).

      And if Couchbase would be willing to ship with Moxi again, but in a default-disabled state, it would also mitigate unnecessary risk of leaving it on in new deployments unawares.

      Please consider adding Moxi back to accommodate applications that aren't cluster aware, but can support a basic memcached client to take advantage of clustering (with Couchbase), while residing on the same host, to also take advantage of a more secure configuration using localhost:11211.

      Thanks in advance,



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