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[CBM] Merge/restore fails when the last mutation in the first backup is in a collection deleted in the second



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      1. Create two collections, c1 and c2
      2. Create a mutation to key 'A' in c1 and c2
      3. Do a backup
      4. Create a mutation 'B' in c1 and c2
      5. Delete c2
      6. Do a backup
      7. Do a restore/merge

      What should happen

      The merge or restore should complete and contain just 'A' and 'B' in c1

      What actually happens

      The merge/restore correctly transfers data from the first backup but during the second backup fails with a message such as:

      Error merging data: snapshot marker for vBucket 55 isn't valid {Timestamp:0 Start:0 End:5} -> {Timestamp:0 Start:4 End:6} 

      During a merge/restore we only transfer the data that will exist at the end, so if you delete a collection the mutations from it won't be transferred. We therefore advance the seqno to take account of any mutations in a deleted collection that happen after the last transferred mutation. Up to here the behaviour is correct. At the end of a transfer however we will flush the writer and then persist the last committed seqno - but this can be lower than the seqno we've advanced forward.

      In the example above we have the following mutations:

      backup 1:
      4 - c1 A
      5 - c2 A
      backup 2:
      6 - delete c1 

       so here we will advance to seqno 5 to take account of the creation of A in c2, but the last committed seqno will be 4 as it is the last mutation in an alive collection - ie one that we transfer. 


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