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ALTER INDEX for replica count never builds the index when executed from a query plan



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      When using ALTER INDEX with "action": "replica_count" to add an index replica, i.e.:

      ALTER INDEX `def_inventory_hotel_url` ON `travel-sample`.`inventory`.`hotel` WITH {"action":"replica_count","num_replica":1}

      Typically, the newly added replica is automatically built and becomes ready. However, I was recently testing an upgrade of couchbase-index-manager to use the 4.x release of the NodeJS SDK. This version of the SDK, by default, executes queries with a prepared query plan. So a query plan is generated, and then the query plan is executed, rather than executing the queries directly.

      In this case, where a query plan is used, the replica is not being built automatically. It just remains in the "created" state in the UI. Additionally, attempting to use a BUILD INDEX command to build the index manually doesn't work because the primary replica is already built.

      The workaround, in the case of the NodeJS SDK, is to ensure that

      {adhoc: true}

      is passed with the ALTER INDEX query so it doesn't create a query plan and instead executes the query directly. However, this seems like something that may easily trip up others and a bug on the server side.


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