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[BP 7.2.1] - XDCR connection pre-check



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      Discussed in AV-42129 – Capella would like an XDCR source/target connection pre-check feature for XDCR out of Capella instances to self-managed clusters.  A feature like this would be best to do in the Server, and it would also be useful for all customers (since all customers have to deal with networking, firewalls, etc).  

      So, a connection pre-check  1) as an option that can be done when a remote is added and 2) as something that's done automatically when starting the replication.

      Side note:  Chris Malarky mentioned that Support (See duplicate MB-17624) has been wanting a feature like this as well since 2016, as XDCR source/target connection issues are not uncommon.

      NH: 7.2.1 is probably a good vehicle needed for Capella intergration work.


      Issue Resolution
      XDCR could fail due to multiple connection issues. For example, DNS issues or firewalls. For a number of databases, it was a difficult task to manually check every node to determine where the connection issue was. For multiple nodes in a database and in the target database, debugging the issue required many connection checks. A connection pre-check feature has been added to XDCR which ensures all connections from source nodes to target nodes are valid. Credentials are now also checked.


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