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Support backup/restore use of setting manifest with no collection maxTTL



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      During the review of https://review.couchbase.org/c/ns_server/+/194992 Artem Stemkovski brought up this issue

      Artem Stemkovski
      I see obvious problem for backup
      Steve Watanabe
      What problem do you see
      Artem Stemkovski
      Let's say we have just one collection C with maxTTL not specified. We create a backup. The json will have C with maxTTL not specified. You change maxTTL for c and it becomes 56
      Then you apply backup from json and maxTTL stays 56. Must be cleared.
      Steve Watanabe
      Isn't that the same behavior as on older releases (e.g. neo)?
      Artem Stemkovski
      yes. but we sort of trying to fix this
      so I guess in addition to this commit we also need the change that always specifies maxTTL during the backup extraction
      and I guess let PM know
      Steve Watanabe
       It's not clear to me the rules for backing up and restoring so I'll have to do some homework.
      For example, if I backup a collection named myCol with certain "metadata" (history, maxTTL), do a backup, delete the collection, create a new collection with the same name but different "metadata", and then do a restore.  What's the expected behavior?
      Artem Stemkovski
      I expect it to be completely overwritten. I'm not a PM on this but my understanding of a backup is that after you restore it, you should end up with the same state as when you created a backup
      Steve Watanabe
      Yes, that's what I would expect.


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