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[Windows] : Many dumps seen due to process js-evaluator.exe




      Almost every test in Windows is failing as the Couchbase Server was going down.

      On further investigation, there were crashes and termination observed in debug logs. The reason for due to the fact that the disk was full. Before the tests, there would 25GB of free storage in the disk. The tests would hardly load kb of data and the disk should never be full.

      On analysis, I could see huge dump files in "C:\\Windows\Temp" around 150MB of dumps and atleast 100 of them.

      It was impossible to do any operations when the disk was full. Hence, I aborted the tests much before the disk was full. Attaching the cbcollect logs and the zipped version of "C:\\Windows\Temp"

      Using windgb I see that the dump file shows that the exceptions are due to js-evaluator.exe


      While the logs attached is run with toybuild Couchbase Enterprise Edition 7.6.0-11191, the same behavior was observed in the latest builds like Couchbase Enterprise Edition 7.6.0-2001 as well. Unfortunately, was unable to collect logs as the disk was full leading to a null operation state.


      How to reproduce?

      While every test ends up with the same scenario, the fastest way is by running the following testrunner script

      python3 testrunner.py -i /tmp/testexec.21806.ini -c conf/os-certify/cli_1.conf 



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