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Lack of features in cbimport, cbexport and cbtransfer



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      enhancements of cbexport and import.


      we are expecting more options like filters keys or values. 
      we are facing one real time issue. the requirement is we want to export the data using cbexport tool and it should include meta().id by default. and while importing the exported field is does not contain meta().id field as --generate-key. we need to import the data with same meta().id 

      we did not even see this feature in latest version 7.6 as well. 

      and we are expecting some pretty page for cbexport in document session as like import in GUI. in query session export is not much efficient to export. if we use this export file to import it is telling it is not valid json file. 

      export options should have 

      1. select bucket/scope/collection or entire bucket with default 

      2. select custom fields or choose all fields

      3. export file contains meat() or not , choose which meta() field is require customisation

      4. real time summary of the export should include how many are exported from each object like each collection, scope and over all bucket as well.

      5. add the progress bar for this utility as like activity. if session ha terminated also it should be running some where.

      6. we can select which node and target directory to save this file on couchbase cluster. 

      7. etc. please add if you have any new innovative ideas.

      as like cbimport  we have few helpful options. but add this as activity and progress bars with real time summary. if session terminates or any network issue then it should not interrupt. 


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