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Couchbase.ServiceNotAvailableException: Service n1ql not available



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      we are seeing an issue with our Staging environment which has 8 servers, 4 with only data services enabled and another 4 with query/index services enabled. When the SDK attempts a query, we get the exception below. We normally pass in the whole list of servers in our ClusterOptions, but we have also tried just explicitly passing in a single server that has query/index services. Always get the same exception. Is it a requirement that ALL servers in your CB cluster must have data/query/index services enabled in order for the SDK queries to work?

      Couchbase.ServiceNotAvailableException: Service n1ql not available.
         at Couchbase.Core.ClusterContext.GetRandomNodeForService(ServiceType service, String bucketName)
         at Couchbase.Query.QueryClient.ExecuteQuery[T](QueryOptions options, IDataMapper dataMapper)
         at Couchbase.Query.QueryClient.QueryAsync[T](String statement, QueryOptions options)


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