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    Description is out of date.

      It mentions .NET Standard in prime position, which is an outdated version, while the latest versions of .NET are:

      • .NET Core 3.1 (the LTS)
      • .NET 5.0 (the current, and recommended version. Effectively based on .NET Core but renamed to subsume the old "Standard")

      As discussed with Jeff Morris, we are OK to move to .NET 5.0 as the documentation "happy path" while pointing at .Net Core 3.1 as the LTS. We also have to mention the older versions, and they're also supported, I think, but we don't encourage them for new code.

      So I'd like to reword the partial linked above. But the SDK itself seems to be written with various versions 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, and sometimes 5.0, so I'm not sure of details of:

      • what will work
      • what has been tested to work (e.g. and we will support)
      • what version client code should use?
      • ... Are there still cases where client code will have to drop or raise the version to use 3rd party dependencies?


      Can I get an updated wording? (or happy to discuss on Slack and write something once I understand fully)


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