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Memory leak python sdk 4.0.2



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    • 3.0.9, 3.2.4, 4.0.2
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      We have APIs that we have tried to upgrade from python sdk 2.5.x to a higher version.
      Couchbase has been tested with the python sdk versions:

      • 3.2.X
      • 3.0.X
      • 4.0.X

      But they all produce memory lake.

      The Server version is 6.0.0, which is compatible in principle.

      The APIs are made with Tornado 5.0.2, but we also have another one with flask and it also produces a memory leak.

      the following code corresponds to the way to install the bucket that we use with sdk version 4.0.2:


      image1197×344 35.6 KB
      and we also call the getmulti method.
      old api with ubuntu  16 and couchbase 2.5
      requests were launched to the endpoint with ab test:
      init memory state:

      final memory state:

      It only uploaded the reserved memory when starting the requests, which is normal since the app starts. But during the request test the reserved memory remained constant.
      New api with ubuntu  20 and couchbase 4.0.2
      init memory state:

      final memory state:

      The memory reserved as requests come in increases and is never released.
      If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

      Thank you.


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