Release Notes - Couchbase Server - Version 1.7.0 - HTML format

Technical task

  • [MB-2893] - Issue beta for vBucket Java client


  • [MB-1295] - Run Valgrind under bat
  • [MB-1344] - Emperfect code around vbucket state on commands
  • [MB-1857] - up to 20 ms response time
  • [MB-1980] - membase should support ascii protocol in disk>memory scenario
  • [MB-2040] - After removing servers from cluster active browsers for this servers do not see that servers removed without manual reload
  • [MB-2066] - moxi front_cache doesn't work for a2b/b2b
  • [MB-2129] - moxi in mcmux-compatibility mode is doing unnecessary key hashing
  • [MB-2304] - Cluster overview buckets section shows "Waiting for samples" when no buckets are configured
  • [MB-2309] - Inconsistent units in /pools/default


  • [MB-1866] - Display alert when OOM errors are occurring
  • [MB-2244] - wizard should short-circuit to failure page instead of step 2 if installation is unhealthy
  • [MB-2355] - Need alpha-channel-based gauge images

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