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Technical task

  • [MB-2655] - Make a design for upgrade.
  • [MB-3102] - Integrate existing 'library-only' javascript unit tests into continuous integration
  • [MB-3103] - Implement basic functional tests for UI
  • [MB-3104] - Cover UI error handling with automated tests


  • [MB-1638] - doesn't exit gracefully
  • [MB-1891] - Support for changing replica count on the fly
  • [MB-2200] - Rebalance failed after remove node
  • [MB-2245] - Upgrade Erlang to latest
  • [MB-2262] - default data directory (/opt/membase/VER/data) appears fhs non-compliant
  • [MB-2508] - disk persistence queue not draining


  • [MB-2563] - Membase performance should not decrease over time (fragmentation)


  • [MB-1382] - should be able to grow and shrink memcache buckets
  • [MB-2425] - Allow for dynamic setting of interval of purging of expired items
  • [MB-2513] - Allow changing of node memory quota


  • [MB-2522] - As a user, I can rely on Membase not to overrun memory significantly even with small values so that I can use my memory efficiently.
  • [MB-2535] - Define alert screen requirements
  • [MB-2542] - Identify where we need test frameworks
  • [MB-2548] - Membase engineers can build the full product
  • [MB-2550] - Convert full BAT to be run under automation
  • [MB-2568] - Plan build approach
  • [MB-2569] - Vbucket java client
  • [MB-2570] - As a Membase user, I am notified when the data in my UI is stale so that I know whether I'm looking at current data.
  • [MB-2577] - Enumerate environment/architecture/OS along with how deep we will test on each
  • [MB-2585] - As a Membase developer, I can run automated unit tests of the JavaScript UI so that I can make sure things work without having to fire up the server and a browser to test.
  • [MB-2592] - As a new-hire at membase, I'd like a standard, documented toolchain for development on OSX, so that I don't waste my first 2 months organically growing my dev box to the right state through trial & error.
  • [MB-2603] - top-level-makefile needs a 'make install'
  • [MB-2604] - As a web developer on OSX, I'd like an updated homebrew formula for membase, so that I can easily play with membase to decide whether to tell my boss that we should use membase
  • [MB-2605] - integrate the new top-level makefile with voltron, so that developers and voltron are building the same exact thing
  • [MB-2606] - build system to send email when a build breaks (BUT, (reopening) not too much email)
  • [MB-2608] - As a membase open-source community user, I would like there to be regular builds for community membase
  • [MB-2609] - As Dustin (or a unix guy), I wish there were separate packages for each component that do not fight the platform (o/s package managers), so that we can upgrade components in place, so that we can more quickly turn around support issues, so that we save $

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